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Themes for "The Shining"?

im studying "The Shining" by Stephen King and i cant seem to find any of the themes.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: The Shining Summary | Themes:

Denial of Reality / Responsibility
Mental Illness
Psychic Abilities / "Shining"
Cycle of Violence

The Shining by Stephen King

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Summary of The Shining film plot

Jack Torrance, a fomer alcoholic, becomes the winter caretaker of an isolated hotel called Overlook in the Colorado mountains. He takes his wife Wendy and son Danny with him. Jack plans to start a whole new life using the time in the hotel to write a book. Danny who is clairvoyant and has some telepathic powers sees strange things in the haunted hotel. The hotel seems to be sentinent and influences people in a bad way. Slowly the hotel lures Jack in and he slips into insanity. Jack starts to see ghosts. Under them is the former caretaker of the hotel who murdered his wife and daughters. The ghost convinces Jack that his family needs to be ??corrected??. Finally Jack looses totally his mind and tries to kill Wendy and Danny.