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Were, how, who and no one knows were the family name Viegas realy originated?

If you have info please do tell, I have looked up so meany things that Iⴭ confused..

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Alex...
Of course, you are probably confused. That's likely because there is often (almost always) NO proof or means to prove where any name originated. We today are so spoiled by what we know as records... that it can be hard to envision a time when there WERE no records, or no reason to keep them.
If (for example only) the word "viegas" translated into bootmaker... then there could easily have been 12 Juan the bootmaker(s), all in different places, and all of them unrelated. If the kids then took Bootmaker as their surname, you will have different Bootmaker families. Or... Viegas was the name of the village, and guys who came FROM that village, became known as Jose from Viegas.
An occupation description is just one way that surnames came to be.
Back to genealogy 101 - name origin is interesting but extremely unreliable. Jose from Viegas might be an exception, if we could prove that really was where he came from, thus that would be where we want to look for church records of his family.
On the other hand, if you want to really KNOW facts, you might trace your ancestry back to Juan Viegas, born about 1850, and he actually was born in a small village in France, just over the line from Spain, and we can find his father and mother there. When you focus on provable events, you have something solid.