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What city was george washington born in?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: "Thank GOD I'm a Country Boy!"

John Denver sometime during the ninety sixties sang a song that says it best. George Washinton was born in Westmorland County in the Commonwealth of Virginia and didn't much like City Life. When Washington was forced to live in the big City he leased a House for the duration but his heart was in Mount Vernon his Country Estate.

Now where are those "good Ole' boys" when I need a wave of thumbs up? A Final note just as John Denver was a Child of the Post War Fifties and Sxties, so was Washington a War Child just out of his teens in the fifties & sixties . In simpler words, they were both a product of their era and left an impact though the fact that Washington was First General and President of the US of A gives him bigger bragging rights.