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Do you think this is good?

Do you think this is a good performance? Do you enjoy it?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: It worked for me . I thought overall , it was quite good.There was a nice rhythm to the performance , the finish was good ,It was obviously not his (your?) first performance.Slightly lacking in the human touch , which is very difficult under subdued lighting . I gave up juggling illuminated juggling equipment for that same reason.If it is your only performance then be careful not to overspecialise or pigeonhole yourself.
It seemed a bit American , so if you are in America maybe move into the family show scene ,kids party scene(sorry for saying this but it pays the rent).You can always keep this show for more specialised events,but it needs to be longer, with more equipment .Overall very good , I was impressed ,and I do know a thing or two about this industry.