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Harry potter fans: what's a horcrux?

i read the last book but i forgot what they were. can anyone remind me what horcruxes are?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: A horcrux is an object or animal in which someone hides part of their soul. In order to do this the person must commit murder, not just kill someone. In doing this their soul is ripped and they can tear it apart and store it somewhere else. Voldemorts has 6 horcruxes as the 7th part of his soul remains in his body. He chooses seven because it is a powerful and magical number
Dumbledores guesses on the 6 horcruxes are
1. Riddles diary-destroyed
2. Nagini(Voldemorts snake)
3. Slytherins Ring-destroyed
4. Hufflepuffs Cup
5. His mothers locket (heirloom of Slytherin)-possibly already destroyed
6. A artifact from Gryffindor or my guess Ravenclaw otherwise unknown