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How to publish??

Is there a certain age one has to be to get themselves published?? And how do you get your work published? Is there a good publisher that you would reccomend??
Please explain in details, and only if you really know...Thanks!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Age is not a barrier when it comes to publishing, only talent.

You start by querying literary agents. This is done with a one page letter describing yourself and your book. Sometimes the agent will request you include the first few pages or chapters, but that is an individual preference.

There are several websites out there that will help you find an agent, my favorite is at . It is free and has a list of literary agents and also tools to help you keep track of who you already queried and who you haven't, plus more.

They do a good job of keeping the crooks off their lists, but it is still a good idea to double check at

There are a lot of crooks out there. Never pay anyone to read or publish your book. A real agent will never ask for money except as a percentage of your royalties.

Keep in mind that finding an agent and getting published is not an easy process. Some people have to query hundreds of agents before they find one who will accept them (sadly, some never get accepted), but be persistent and keep trying.

You should also visit,...... one of the largest forums for writers. They can be very helpful.

Good luck.