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What is the most make-up you've had to wear for a show?

I'm almost always cast in roles with a lot of make-up. When I was Mrs. Gloop in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' I was supposed to look like a German Peg Bundy. I had a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people who worked on my makeup for each show. I had about ten coats of bright red lipstick (my lips were SOOOO stained), several coats of four or five different shades of eye shadow, WAY too much blush, etc. For 'Into the Woods' I was Lucinda, and I also wore too much makeup. My face was actually bright orange since I had so much foundation on. I wore extremely bright eyeshadow, and several coats of lipstick. Anyone else?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Since I'm a guy, my stage make-up normally isn't all that elaborate. But when I was 8 I played Humpty Dumpty in an original musical spoof of fairy tales. Since I was in the ensemble for the first few scenes of the show, there was only about 10 minutes for me to get into full make-up/costume. A few of the moms backstage covered my face with white powder, made doll-like circles of bright red lipstick on my cheeks, applied the same lipstick to my lips, and then penciled in my eyebrows to make them black. Also, I had shadow/mascara on my eyes. I don't know that I'd ever do that again!