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What is a good way to start a fiction book? I NEED HELP HERE!!!?

I'm starting a book. I'm not gonna give anything away because, well, people steal book ideas online!!! Not everyone though. Anyways, I'm just not sure how to start this book off, and its really hard to tie all the events together. But I LOVE writing. It's one of my passions. And I definitley want to write a book. So, how do I start. Any other tips for writing would really help too, so DON'T be shy. I'll give you some hints too. It's fantasy, and adventure, and it's about a group of friends. I'ts somewhat mysterious in the beginning too. Even thought i haven't even STARTED writing it. It's all there in my head, just need some help putting it together, like i said. DO YOU SEE HOW DESPERATE I AM???? I AM ASKIN PEOPLE ONLINE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!! Not that you guys don't know anything, but, please, please, give me some tips!! thank you!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Don't start with some boring *** long description. I like books that start out with a couple interesting lines:
"The toaster was on fire...."
"I'm writing this book in the back room of an discount superstore in St. Louis, Missiouri."
You want to catch the reader's attention. Check out how Bret Easton Ellis starts books.