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1 - Plurality means the person:
a - with the most votes wins.
b - with 50% of the votes plus one votes wins.
c - with two-thirds of the votes wins.
d - who spends the most money wins.

2 - The Republican and Democratic:
a - are members of certain religious groups.
b - tend to have a cross-section of members.
c - only allow members who are wealthy.
d - both require straight-ticket voting among members.

3 - Minor parties:
a - all wish to abolish our present form of government.
b - are members of a coalition led by the Reform Party.
c - are more likely than major parties to ideologically based.
d - serve no meaningful purpose.

Plz help me OUT! Thank you!!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: 1.a
3.c but in reality d lol

good luck