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Am I normal?

Okay I've never gone on a date.I'm as quiet as a mouse in class so I dont have any firends.I can talk fine with anyone and can even tell a joke now and then but while everyone gets in trouble in school talking in class getting dates I'm stuck bored at my house reading a stupid story over and over again until the weeks over.Now its summer and I dont know what i'm going to do all day and all night. Comsidering my mom works night and day my sisters with her boy friend and I have nothing.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: What is normal? You have the the gift of expanding your mind.
Don't seek to loose things that will be hard to put back in the box, let the trouble makers make there trouble because the will eventually lie in something they can't get out of. Let the daters, date because soon some will get families too soon and there whole life will change dramatically. Yours will be one of great desire, a look at those we made fun of or laughed at because they weren't cool or a jock and realize now that they were preparing for a future which was out of sight for me and now while there making nice salaries and taking big vacation and I can't afford to go anywhere but on my couch, I regret not expanding my mind to receive as much good information as possible. Never to late to learn but if your foundation is wrong, it all crumbles. You are on the right track and I'm so proud to here there are still people like you in this world.