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Why are there so many people who say Harry Potter is such a dumb book?

I personally think they are just too lazy to read them, so they call them stupid as an excuse. Harry Potter is really a brilliant book, or else it wouldn't be so popular. And it is a work of genius. Sorry but I am a die-hard HP fan (check my nick). :)


My reason for loving it is that it helps calm me down. Sometimes I have worried thoughts about cancer and death and school, but when I pick up Harry Potter I am suddenly joyful and relaxed. That was the first book I ever read, from front to back, with more than a hundred pages, that was not meant only for little children--now my reading cycle is gigantic!

Their reason for hating it is because it's childish and just a little cliched. What I mean is that Harry Potter has a wand, he flips it, whispers a spell, and suddenly something happens. That's what they consider infantile. It's also cliched because of the witches and wizards, who are adressed in books several times and are no longer found to be as original as they once were.

People also hate it because Harry Potter is now a cliche in the term that it's a commercial--it's like half the people in the world like it and the other half hates it, simply because the other half likes it. You see what I mean? By having so many people personally attached to the Harry Potter series, other people are unattahed to it.

Another thing--the people that think it's dumb don't need any book that will make us imagine otherworldly objects--they have enough in this world. People love Harry Potter because the magic in it is found in everyday objects. They can pretend to be wizards all they want--there aren't any special powers someone needs to possess to make a simple magic.

Finally, as I first said--people think that's its roots come in classic Fantasy novels, like LOTR or the Chronicles of Narnia. It's a cliche-that's the main reason why some beings are simply not impressed by the series as others are.

Hope this is good!