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I need more books?

I absolutely love reading, and I need to find someplace that sells secondhand books, either online or somewhere thatll ship..without a ton of shipping. i went to, and found 10 books for 5 bucks, but they wanted 70 bucks to ship...if im gonna pay that much for books, ill buy new ones at Barnes and Noble... oh they have to be Nora Roberts books, or at least romance...


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Girl, I'm glad I found your question! :o) Try It's AWESOME. You can basically get books for free.. pay a teeny shipping fee and that's it. I've been using it for several months and am VERY happy with it so far. Only 1 book got lost in the mail, and they give you credit back for it. Here's how it works:

Sign up and post 3 books of your own that you don't want anymore, and would like to "swap" with someone else. It doesn't have to be a paperback, actually. Posting 3 books to choose ANY book that is in the system, and there are millions! Some are available now, and others you can add to your wish list. You can post an additional 3 books, and get another book for free (another credit). You can do a total of 9 books, for a total of 3 free books (or credits). After the initial 9 books that you post, you can post as many as you'd like. A member chooses one (or more) of your books, and you take it to the post office or whatever and mail it. It usually costs between 1.50 - 3 dollars to ship a book. When the member receives it, you get a credit in your account and can choose any free book you'd like. Anywho, I'd highly recommend it, as I've only dealt with nice people so far, and have traded many books (even kid's books from the time I was young, and cookbooks that we got for free at a garage sale). Just awesome :Oh, and there's never any membership fees or anything like that either. Good luck!

Oh, and there's also something called "box of books" or something like that.. not sure what it entails, but it sounds like something you might be interested in.