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What is the craziest affordable thing I could do to my car?

So I've got a 12 year-old car that used to be black and now is kind of mottled grey cause the paint has faded. It's really about to die anyway but I want to live out some variation of a childhood dream I had of fingerpainting a car. It doesn't have to be painting, just something really crazy that won't cost hundreds of dollars and won't come off in the rain.

I also kinda thought of gluing stuff to it but I can't figure out what or what kind of glue would not eith just pop off or decompose in the weather (rain/hot summers/cold New England winters). There must be some product that they use to stick emblems to cars...

I may actually use your idea if I pick it - I'll figure out some way to send you a photo :)

So what do you think I should I do?

Another question (just as an aside) is this: is there anthing I can't do legally? Like would a car wrapped in tinfoil still be road legal?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: I probably wouldn't push the tinfoil idea, just because of heat. But, I like your idea of finger painting and stickers [both same time]. That sounds really fun. Be sure to wash the hell out of your car before you start and keep it clean as you work. In the states we have TONS of glues that would glue two of your cars together through any weather.. :)

See if you can get your hands on...

Tough stuff
Gorilla Glue
3M Industrial Adhesive
Liquid Cement
JB Weld

I promise, you can glue a microwave to the side of your car with these things if you want. Just to be safe, sand a little of the paint off before you glue against it.