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Who here is ready 4 harry potter 7!!!!!!!!!!?

I love Harry Potter I've read them over and over since i was seven I love the movies too! I mean it I am obsessed with Harry Potter! I'll give you my summary of what i think will happen next

Harry goes back to the Dursleys (ugh) for one last time to say good by to those fat heads and then goes to fleur and bill's wedding and then he goes to godrics hollow to see his parents grave. then finally on Dumbledores order he sets out to find the horcruxes I think wormtail will help him though because of the life debt about the horcruxes all you "harry's a horcrux fan I'm sorry but I have to drown that go to jk's site VOLDEMORT MUST DIE!!!!!! anyone who agrees with me write a summary!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: well ur summary 's nice .......i too think harry will return to dursleys as dumbledore wanted him to go - then he's escorted back to burrow by OOTP ppl - he attends the wedding - along with ron and hermione goes on a search for horcruxes.
i don't know but i get this feeling that dumbledore will return and snape's innocent ...