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Lost my inspiration?

It's been a month or even longer since I've touched canvas or painted or written anything really good. I used to get ideas and paint and write much more frequently than now. I look back at my old work and feel like they are SO much better than the art I do now. Feel like nothing inspires me these days, totally have no muse to work on.

I know this could just be an 'artist's block' phase, but is it possible to completely lose touch with being inspired, is it possible that I may never paint or write as well as I did again?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Only a month? That's nothing to worry about. Your inspiration will come back. When it does you will be better than ever even if you are a different artist than you were before. I know someone who lost her muse for several years and when she noticed how excited I was about my art she 'caught it' and now is selling in galleries at large prices and doing great stuff. Maybe it'll work for you...Check out my stuff on line and see if it helps!