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How old are you?

Just to have an idea of how many people are around my age on Y!A!! :-) Thank you

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"age is just a number"
I don't understand why age should restrict anybody from who they want to be!

(Scenario) Its like when you see a picture of a meal, and you think "Damn, that looks amazing!"...You expect it to be amazing! Then sometimes your let down..or surprised!

(Scenario) Say there's a modelling competition for people of any age..and a 60 year old enters...How many people are going to say "Ha..She's not going to win" before they have even seen her?
Probably 99.9% of people!

(Scenario) Just say I had a really good friend and I liked them a lot but they were about 6 or 7 years older than me...We have an amazing connection - and the only thing that seperates us is a number..Is that fair? In a world without knew that things would be different? Why are 2 little numbers allowed to have such a great effect on something?

Awesome question
Little friend..