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Sheet Music and Music Book Storage Options?

I'm going to college in the fall to study clarinet. I have a ton of music books that I've bought and have to buy, and I don't want them to get wrecked. They're bigger than normal paper, so they don't fit in a lot of plastic containers.

How do you all store your music? I need a relatively inexpensive method that will still protect all my books and sheet music! Thanks! Is there a product out there especially for music books, like a container with a lid that specifically fits them?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: First, CONGRATULATIONS about going to college to study music! So many students on this forum have dreams, but no realistic plan - you clearly do!!!

I am a flutist, and hear you about oversize music! I have 2 studios in my home ( my husband is a pianist), and last summer I got adamant about finding ways to store things in my studio that looked neater, too. I have many running feet of shelving for normal music and books, but for the odd stuff - big music, odd tool and cables, etc. - I got boxes from IKEA. Yes, there were nice ones from The Container Store, too - and they were FAR more sturdy - if you are going to be moving around, you might consider them. But my stuff stay in this studio - So I went with the cheap IKEA boxes. Oversize music can play flt in the bigger boxes. The vertical magazine files can hold organized genres - chamber music for 2 flute, 3 flute, fl/vn/vc, etc. The small boxes are fine for those odd bits. And they all MATCH - easier to look at.

Since you are going to be moving a lot, why not look over plastic tubs and bins at Walmart? Those oversize scores could be filed vertically OR lay flat. Your materials are visible and protected. The only problem is that many of those bins are trapeziodal, not dead square. Plastic *milk crates* are too open, and tend to tear up your music, unless you line them with firm smooth plastic sheets.

Your are wise to protect you investment. I still have editions from my conservatory days (that's 30 years ago) that I treasure.

BTW - if you need foreign editions, watch the Euro rates, and then check out even with VAT and shipping, they are often cheaper than paying *import* prices for foreign editions. And get on a good Yahoo group for clarinetists - the FLUTENET one for flutist is great!