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Can someone give me a picture of their (or a) school uniform for a movie contest?


Well me and my friends are in a movie making contest are part of a film festival for the age group of 21 and under. We did not enter last year, but saw some of the films from this category, and they were very good. Lots of editing was done, and the acting was very good. Some of us are in (I was, but not anymore) drama, and that should help us a lot in the acting portion of the overall grade.

But anyways are movie is going to be about kids at a private school. We're still going over the details and the script is still being reviewed (we have until September).

***But what we REALLY NEED is a school uniform for the school (and a name). The school uniform is vital, as most to all of the characters will be wearing it. So can you please give us a link or picture of a school uniform (boy and/or girl), more preferably yours. It would be helpful if someone is wearing the uniform (to give us a better idea). But if you are uncomfortable with that, just like lay it out on your bed and take a picture of that. A Photobucket link to the picture will do just fine, or any other method you have. We tried many online sites (Photobucket, Webshots, Google Images) and found nothing we want. And if we choose your uniform as the one featured in our movie, we will mention your name (or screen name) in the movie, and will use your school's name in the movie (either as the main school, or rival school). Thank you in advance!

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