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Why is this drawing class stressful?

I started taking a drawing class 2 weeks ago.This is suppose to be a begginner classs but everone are doing great except me. I cant even get my perspective right. Last nite I just left classearly. I got so frustrated and felt like crying I feel like a 5yr old in the eighth grade. I want to learn to draw but im not graspin the concept. I took art in high school 14yrs ago and kept some of my work which is wonderful where did those skills go? Im thinkin about quittin but dont want to set a bad example for my 10 yr old who tells me (his mom) to have patience . Boy do I feel like a dumb a ss . What should I do . Im very frustrated right now. This class is supppose to be a was to de stress my self but it is have the opposite effect!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: as an artist i have come to realise there is not right or wrong in art you cant think about it!!! your right it should not be something so stressful but something your enjoying and something that will take your mind off of everything else. just relax your to woried about evryone elses art instead of yours maybe listening to music will make you relax more for exaple i love ballet and when i am doing a new project that has to do with ballet i like to listen to soft music. it takes time to find your focus but youll never find it if your to worried about other peoples focus instead of relaxing and finding your own! good luck and relax just remember this if you made a mistake dont erase nor start over work with that to make it part of your art. and one last thing always remeber that until you dont like your art noone else will like it eather be proud of it because one streek of paint may meke you millios while what you think is the best one of them all may only make you only$50 but thats the sweet thing about art everyone likes something different

BE YOUR SELF! let the art show your true colors