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Am I too old to start dance again?

I took ballet when I was 5 and quit for 7 years. I came back when I was eleven and took classes and still currently am (i am 12 now). I only took hip hop which I rock at. That is something that comes naturally. But I am going to start taking like ballet and lyrical and stuff like that. And my ballet class is going to be at a diffrent school so how do I know if they will be snotty because these kids have been dancing since they were like 2. At my current studio I felt comfertable because hiphop is something I rule at and some of the kids didnt notice I was new. But I am afraid about taking ballet next year. Am I too old to start ballet again and any tips?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: well, if you feel uncomfortable about it, then i would just work w/ where you're at....but, i say that you're NEVER too old to start dancing...but, if you do go 4 taking the ballet, here are some might want to just start working on balance and flexibility....start stretching evry day, and this will help...and for the lyrical...i dont take lyrical, but i take key point in that is LETTING GO....make your body feel flexible, and a's not the same as ballet, where you're strong and always pointing your modern, you are still strong, but practice on exercises like making a flat back, and curving your stomach to make a C shape....the example my teachers always give me is (pretend someone is punching you in the stomach)
whichever you choose to do...good luck and have fun with it! believe in yourself! :)