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Your opinion? Helping edit my poem??

My Precious Memories of Little Red

I needed a car.
I hoped for a bigger truck
Instead, my father brought a small red Geo Prizm car to me.
When I first saw her,
I thought she was the SHITTIER car I've seen ever.
Greasy engine,
Broken door handle,
The fading red paint,
Leaked oil,
Unaligned tires,
Uncold air conditioner,
Odd method of seat buckle
And red wasn't my favorite color.
Having this car that's oldish was too unsatisfactory for me.
But I truly learned and grew to like her.
I realized that she was something.
She's tougher than I thought.
I had been able to depend on her.
My little red,
My first driver's license.
My first tiny accident.
She has had her share of tickets (All my what)
First date
First love
First kisses
Had sex in my car first time
Most of all, she was my first little red.

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