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Did God make an engineering error when he designed "in" the penis foreskin.?

If you go by science God did not get his doctorate. If you believe God is infoulable then we must be missing something about foreskin in translation. I think God screwed up. So Abraham corrected the problem. Or did he cause a problem. What gets into the head of a man who gets up one morning and goes and cuts the end of his penis off? Is that a reasonable philosophy?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: No he did not make an error.

"If you go by science God did not get his doctorate."
You've got it all wrong.

No medical institution in the world actually recommends circumcision.
Let's have a look at medical associations in the developed world. The British Medical Association, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Canadian Paediatric Society, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Australian College of Paediatrics and Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons. Every one of them recommends AGAINST performing the procedure. Their positions on the procedure can be found here:

Here is a video of the operation. Watch it if you want to learn more. Please do watch it.
Or this video:
It is not just a little snip here and there. Watch the above video of a circumcision in progress.

The foreskin keeps the glans soft and moist and protects it from trauma and injury. Without this protection, the glans becomes dry, calloused, and desensitized from exposure and chafing.
Specialized nerve endings in the foreskin enhance sexual pleasure.
The foreskin may have functions not yet recognized or understood.
[ ]

"Circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis and decreases the fine-touch pressure sensitivity of glans penis. The most sensitive regions in the uncircumcised penis are those parts ablated by circumcision. When compared to the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis, several locations on the uncircumcised penis that are missing from the circumcised penis were significantly more sensitive." Circumcision removes as much as 75% of sensation [ ].

The foreskin reduces the force required by the penis to enter the vagina. It also increases the sexual enjoyment of the female partner. Here is a study to back this up:

Performing circumcision on a child can and does result in the deaths of children due to blood loss and/or failure of the immune system.
Approximately 230 American males die every year because of circumcision. [ , ] This is a meaningless and very sad loss of life.

It can and does result in very significant scaring.
It can and does result in sexual problems later in life.

Circumcised males have a much higher rate of sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. [ ]

The vast majority of the world(83%) is not circumcised.
There is no good reason to perform male genital mutilation.

About circumcision bias:
Ethical questions:
Circumcision Information:

See these sites specifically:

Here is a tracking of circumcision news articles which is kept very up to date:

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