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Esplain the significance in European History of The Mediterranean Sea, European mountain system,Europeanrivers

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: When man/human needed to move he/she invented the boat. Humanity floats on boats. History floats on boats which is why history is such a buoyant subject. Europe was Settled by early woman/man taking to the Mediterranean Sea in boats and sailing/rowing or combo of the two. Riivers pierce Landmasses. Man/Woman have always used Rivers to journey as far against the flow as they can go. Mankind/Womankind pushing forward flooding into Europe.

Early man found that he could only go so far up the river. Rivers disintergrated into swamps or were swallowed by lakes but what really put on the breaks were waterfalls & rapids. Italian rivers are poor for boats. So man/woman abandoned big boats for small boats. Boats they could carry for the parts of the river that were not so scary. Still pushing Up the River up into the Hills the Mountains. Woman/Man kept pushing up river until it became a stream then a trickle. Man/Womans first Religion was finding the Headwaters the Font the Actual Spring where Water Came out of the Ground or from a Glacier.

But some men/women pushed on. They looked around the mountains. Set out to find a way through the Mountains. When they got to the other side of the Mountains they found springs headwaters and lakes streams rivers and after that the story of Man/Womankind goes Down River. Down through the Mass of Europe, to the shores of the North Sea, the Blatic, the Atlantic.
And then they pushed up new rivers; the Thames, the Fjords of Scandinavia, the Firths of Scotland, and on ward toward today now the moment.
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