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How do you like my poem?


You had me killed
You caused my death
I know you are the one to be blamed

The scenery moves incredibly fast
The trees turn upside down
I see pieces of windows and doors
Break apart all over around me

I don't feel any pain
I'm like immortal

But I know I will soon be gone
From this world and from you

You'll never see me again
You had me killed
With your betrayal

You wanted me gone
Now I am gone forever

You had me killed
In this crash

I was running away from you
I was travelling
Somewhere else
Never to return back to you
But you had to make sure
I would never come back

Additional Details

2 weeks ago
To thebaltimoron: I'm dead anyway...

2 weeks ago
To iamreal:
I was outraged at the betrayal, I ran away from the one who betrayed me, who also planned my death in a so-called car accident. But this should be taken figuratively. I am physically here, but dead emotionally.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: 2 weeks ago
To thebaltimoron: I'm dead anyway...