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Best Way To Act as a Mascot?

For the past couple of months, I've had to volunteer with my school's basketball team to act as their mascot for games. Whenever they need me to, I come in a giant suit of armor ready to go. So, my question to you is what are some ideas or advice you have for me on acting around people or officials while I'm the mascot. I would also accept ideas for any mascot skits as well. If there is anyone who is in the same spot as I am, that would really help.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

Wave a school flag, exaggerate every movement walk with a big stride, put your hands up, on your hips, cup your ear point out players an do thumbs up ( I asume you can not talk) walk over to the cheer leaders point at them put your hands up for appluase act out letters (like YMCA) if they are cheering, If it is just you then do the school name, tell some friends so they will yell it out and the crowd will go along. Be very animated in response to the crowd and to the team efforts. Hope it helps. :)