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Story ideas?

can you make up a plot that includes this scene

Scene one

A dark room with Janie and Sarah. Janie is holding a gun leaning against the corner of the wall pointing It lazily at Sarah who is sitting on the other side of the room her profile facing Janie looking straight lost in her thoughts.

Janie: we used to be good friends??do you remember??
Sarah: I remember
Janie: inseparable
Sarah: yea
Janie: what happened?
Sarah: I don??t know

Additional Details

6 months ago
a gun shot fired... and sarah is dead

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

Yes I can.

Janie and Sarah both strippers, work late nights. They get home after a particularly nasty/hard night in the clubs (biker convention in town, staying at hotel next door).

They get strung out on meth/coke. Lines of meth/coke on the cofee table. It's 5 in the morning. Sun is coming up.

Sarah snorts the last line while Janie is in bathroom. Janie, drunk and coked out grabs the gun..

..Progress with scene..