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Which language do people that are born deaf & dumb think in ?

We tend to think in a language in which we are most comfortable with, but which language do deaf/dumb people think in?

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6 months ago
I did not mean to offend anybody by using the word dumb. Even the dictionary meaining for dumb is "Lacking the power of human speech". And this is what I meant.

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I don't know what language you dumb people think in, but we deaf people think in sign language, of course. We dream in signs too, in case you're interested. When you dream, it doesn't even matter what language anybody's using, because you "know" what they are saying. You have to, because it was your own subconscious that wrote the script!

By the way, the archaic term, "deaf and dumb" is considered an insult and derrogatory. It was once erroneously thought that the inability to hear prevented one from learning -not only speech, but anything- therefore, they were "dumb" -speechless and brainless. With the advent of sign language, that was proven wrong, and today, a deaf person could be your boss, school teacher, or the owner of the corporation you work for. Just the term "deaf," or "Deaf" is fine and gets your message across, thank you.