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What do you think of my alien cult poem?

here goes
A madman to the pulpit,
To lead us all astray,
If you want a miracle
You can have it soon someday,

Praise the stardust scripture,
And if you??ve thought its true,
You don??t need to lose you mind,
We??ll lose it all for you,

Slip into your skull,
And destroy your thoughts today,
You won??t need them where we??re headed,
Who needs them anyway?

You would sell all you own,
For a warp to paradise,
You must surrender your
World never thinking twice,

The universe beyond and,
Further than the stars,
This is what paradise is,
The cosmos shall be all ours,

Wrapped up in foil,
All dosed, prepared to go,
When we close our eyes,
We??d have gone too far,
But we would never know.

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I think it's quite interesting.