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What would you do if you got in a fight with a so called friend??

One night I was leaving my GF's house at night down the street & I get half way down the block I see a car pull up at her house ,so I walk back to her house to see what was going on & as soon as I get near her the car pulls off I didn't see who it was so I asked my GF & said it was a considered friend(joking about her watching me walk home)so my GF walks back up to my house with me because she feels that he & the people in the car might try something so Im thinking we were cool at the time since me & the boy never had any problems ,so we get up to my house and the car comes back around the corner & the boy & 3 other guys hop out the car so I turn around to see what the problem was,(even with my GF pulling me telling me to keep walking)& end up fighting & getting a minor concussion barely remembering what happen after they got out the car,was he jealous or something. should I kept walking when I saw the car or when my GF was pulling, or get revenge by any means? Or other options? Thanks

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i think u shouldnt fight it would make matters worst. think about why it happened and then take the required action