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Am I In The Right Field?

I am presently attending an art college majoring in Interior Architecture, But I want to become an Interior decorator, Am I in the right field??

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I think Interior Architecture has more career choices than "interior decorator". That term is dated and smacks of someone in the Laz-y-Boy showroom selling you a plaid couch to go with the pleather recliner.

Interior Architecture will broaden your horizons and would include the wall and floor coverings, color mixing, objects, furniture and art to offset the entire room. You might work with builders, architects, or develop your own clients or work for an interior design firm. Interior Decorating is a label for someone who usually works in a furniture showroom or a place like Decorating Den where the main goal is to sell their particular furnishings. An interior designer tends to pick and choose from many manufacturers to get the complete look they are going for.