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Independence and Responsibility?

Is it possible for a person to be considered independent but yet irresponsible and vice versa? (Responsible but dependent?)

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When you use the phrase "to be considered" you've already defeated yourself.

Responsibility is what is imposed upon people by the greater ganglia of society's expectations. "Responsible" people are always dependent. They're playing a role to impress and attain the "desired things" in life. Not always a negative thing, as in the case of wanting a family and being attentive to the needs of the family you've created. But much of the time "Responsible" people get caught in a wheel of providing for those who contribute less and benefit disproportionately from the efforts of others.

"Irresponsible" poeple are not always independent. But society often misjudges "irresponsible" with "independent", simply because people who refuse to answer to others do not make good slaves, good workerbees, and they make waves by questioning authority and questioning the intentions of others.