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NEEDS versus WANTS? where does society draw the line?

how has a five hundred$ dinner for two become acceptable?

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Food, clothing, and shelter. Those are needs. The only things acceptable after that are knowledge, wisdom, uderstanding, freedom, justice, equality, love, peace, and happiness. All others are selfish covets. And the list that I placed of things that satisfy a human soul can corrupt if not taken heed to with right thought and/or effort.


EDIT: The line is always there, but most are out of bounds. It would take a combined effort for mankind on a whole to aknowledge sovereignity. Then each individual can take it on thier own from there with help from like minds. Those willing to help by charity shown and dedicated by some in many forms. And when you say society, that is a lost cause except in the mind of ones self. The problem is one ALWAYS wants to rule another one way or another. By economics, polotics, religion, etc.