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What are 10 things you can do with shoelaces?

other than tying your shoes

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1. They can be used as a unit of measurement
2. Used as a picture hanger--a new type of shabby chic
3. Create jewelry with them
4. Tie a scrapbook together with them
5. If they are NEW, they have endless uses in the kitchen. For example, trim off the plastic tips, and use them to tie turkey legs together. (They can be used anytime in the kitchen when twine is needed--Provided THEY ARE NEW)
6. Use as a form of restraint. Tie someones hands together, or tie a loved ones wrist to the headboard.
7. Make a cat/pet toy with them
8. They can be fuel soaked and used as a fuse.
9. Dip in paint and fling against/or drag across a prepared canvas for different artistic effects.
10. Use as a choking weapon of death on smaller mammals.
They can be utilized in so many ways. Replace twist ties with them, they can be substituted for about anything you would use string or twine for!!!
The Possibilities are endless!! Have fun & be creative!!!