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Random, middle of the night poem? Yay or Ney?

What do you do
When you love someone
Who you want to hate?
What do you do
When you miss someone
You want to lose?
How do you deal
When your world's falling apart?
When nothing seems right;
When 'nothing' is your 'everything'?
Who can you run to for help
When there's no one around?

You're floating away
Into your own oblivion,
Not knowing what awaits you there.
Seems like it's the only way out;
The only solution.
Creating a shield around yourself,
Making 'I'm fine.' the phrase of the day,
And daring anyone to look inside.

You tell yourself to stop complaining --
It could be worse
But could it?
Losing your Friends.
Family. Love.

Tell me what you think -- improvements or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. : )

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

I think that the first stanza is good... it sets up a tone of emotional turmoil, possibly over a lover or other "significant other". The second stanza is the immediate response- to cut one self off from the world, from pain... by simply not admitting that the pain is important to you. I think that the third stanza should be longer, and should tie back into the beginning more... The first line, third stanza almost belongs more to the second stanza. I personally would like to see some attempt at a solution other than simply cutting off. Try to illuminate "the better way to deal"... but maybe that gets away from poetic angst into self-help preachy... You're the poet- do what you want ;-)