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Poem read and write what u think?

"Call me when you get home"

It was midafternoon there was him and you and me, together we made three. Except the other him isnt really interested in all the hers of this world if you know what i mean. Anyways there was you and him and me, And me and you like to talk alot and say such oh so friendly things, You and me like to hold hands alot and whisper such strange and crazy dreams, You like to tease and i like to appease the ease that is with you and me, We made three but in truth it felt like two just you and me, together we made more then what there really was and i still cant wait to call and hope to hear your voice, your lips on mine, Youlike to touch and i to tickle and for this i cant get you out of my mind.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

A valiant attempt at romantic poetry . I suggest you spend more time in English class though . When referring to yourself in a sentence . The correct form is "I" not me .
"first sentence "
Example : Twas mid afternoon You I and he

The same idea is conveyed with less confusion and you also get the long E sound at the end.
Keep working on it I know you will do fine.