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What do you think of this poem?

Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous question.I would like your honest opinion about this poem I wrote,please.

A Letter

Dear Girl,
I thought I should tell you
I am very full today-so much so that there is quite a space constraint--
with all sorts of feelings jostling for my attention.
I am feeling tugs all the time
whenever he is coming into your sight
I wonder why?
Anyways, maybe you should know-
it is becoming rather uncomfortable
if you transmit confused signals all the time
I am sending smiles to your face at most unlikely times—
sometimes with tears, even.
And you know, I almost turned over with joy
when he called you ??beautiful??.
So, if you see I am a little dysfunctional today
its not entirely my fault, you know who to blame.
With love,
Your heart.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

It was really good. i like to write too but i have trouble coming up with unique concepts and themes, your was unique as well as carrying good flow. i liked how you finished it, i was thinking about what you were trying to say in the begining and then i got it, the use of description words such as constraint was useful when u know its a message from your heart to you. I liked it alot.