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Is this poem any good?

I am 16,an absolute amateur,and I write for the love of writing.Be brutally honest,it will be helpful because I want to understand if I am made for a career in writing.

Tell me why I still feel a traitor
for having stopped to love you
even if it never mattered to you
when I did??
Tell me why even after vowing to myself
that I would not let it matter
I would still rather be in your shoes
when you are crying.
Tell me why I still feel hollow
because you are incomplete
what does it mean to me
whether or not you get what you deserve from life?
It does not matter to you!
Tell me why I cannot let go
although you have left me far behind-
so completely forgotten
you never ever needed me, did you?
Tell me why even as I say these things
my heart is turning over with pain-
at least it lets me know that I still do have a heart!
I feel shriveled up inside
the fire that burnt inside me so long has been put out,
it??s only the charred black that remains.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

It is a poem - however - and take this with a grain of salt, it is teenaged angst poetry. its been written a thousand times, and no one really cares for it.

I having written a million of the things durning my younger years, understand that it has meaning , but is worthless as "good poetry"

if you enjoy writing keep at it. but do short stories till you understand that it is not angst that makes good poetry, but vivid snap shots of life.

you can slip in the occasional angsts but not a lot . good luck -
took me 3 years of trying to learn that and get one poem published. oh - and avoid - its all a rip off.