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Question: Dante's Inferno Canto 8!?
I want to know what the punishment for being wrathful is!. I think its that they have to fight one another for eternity, but i'm not sure!. also can someone tell me where in the canto that it could indicate the punishment!. What are some good quotes from canto 8!. Thanks for any help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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The Inferno - Dante Alighieri

Chapter-By-Chapter Summary

Inferno Canto VIII (the river Styx, the gates of Dis)

?Belatedly, Dante tells us that this tower – something like a lighthouse – has been guiding them towards itself for a while!.

?As they approach it, Dante notices another flame flickering in the distance!. He asks Virgil why!.

?Trying to cultivate his air of mystery, Virgil tells Dante to look harder!. Dante does and goes "I see it! It’s a boat!"

?The boatman gruffly stops them!. He, like Charon, has issues with Dante's alive-ness!. By the way, his name is Phlegyas!. Try to say that five times fast!.

?Virgil puts him in his place, Phlegyas pouts, and they board the boat, which promptly sinks a little under Dante's weight!. (Live people are heavier than dead ones!.) Thankfully, it doesn’t stop them from crossing the Styx!.

?While on the boat, Dante leans down towards the river and asks one of the mud-encrusted sinners: "Who are you, who have become so ugly!?" Seriously!.

?When the sinner gives an ambiguous answer, Dante becomes infuriated and curses him!. Which is…well…different from his usual responses to sinners, like crying or fainting!.

?When the sinner reaches out towards the boat (presumably in a gesture of longing), Virgil pushes him back into the river!.

?Then in another switch of personality, Virgil joyously hugs and kisses Dante!.

?Why!? Dante is making Virgil proud by feeling righteously indignant enough to not sympathize with sinners and instead to rage at them!.

?He continues, using his prophesying skills to predict that before reaching the far shore, Dante will see a sight that justifies his insult to the sinner!. More…