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Question: Add specific color to a black and white photo!?
I recently moved from PC world to iMAC and am disppointed that ROXIO's Photosuite isn't offered!. I am an amatuer photographer and my signature photos are black and white with one object edited with color!. I bought Adobe PhotoShop and Phhew~! way to complicated!. Photosuite (Roxio) made painting an object MUCH easier!.
Any suggestions!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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One basic technique is to start with a color picture and then create a selection around the object to stay colored!. Then invert the selection and remove the color from this inverse selection!.

This is a tutorial with example for Photoshop

the Gimp is free editing software similar to Photoshop that uses the same basic method


go on picnik!.com buy it , go to color selection do it have a photo!.

look up on google color selection and your program read,learn!.Www@QuestionHome@Com