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Question: How do you print on tracing paper!?
i'm trying to print some words on tracing paper for an art project, but the papers too thin for the printer to take, and it rips it and stuff, so does anyone know how print on tracing paper!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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i've never tried this before but!.!.!.
take a regular sheet of printing paper and lightly tape it to the bcak of the tracing paper (so when you remove it, it doesn't tear the tracing paper)
run it through the printer like that
that way its thigh enough for the printer to take, and sturdy enough to run through the printer smoothly
good luck ^_~Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you have a sheet fed printer, then you can't just tape a piece of tracing paper to a regular sheet!. The printer will try to take a single sheet of that pair and pull it through!. The second sheet will just jam up and wrinkle and tear, PLUS, the tape may gum up the printer's feeding mechanism!.

You might see if you can load the printer with just a single sheet of tracing paper, instead of a stack!. It may not work any better, but it may be worth a try!.

Instead of tracing paper, how about trying this out with a sheet of acrylic transparency sheet!? It's the kind used for overhead projectors!. They make a version for inkjet printers, and another one for laser printers!.Www@QuestionHome@Com