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Question: Seeing Thoughts Lucidly on Paper
I am getting back into drawing, and am wanting to draw things from my mind!. I was wondering if it was possible to see what is in my mind, lucidly on the paper!. Then all I would need to would be trace the image I am seeing!. I know it can work with hypnosis in certain regards, but I am not yet that suggestible!.

Anyone have techniques beyond just practicing (which I do), to help me draw better out of my mind!? Thanks!.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
There is no substitute for practicing one's drawing skils from real life!. One cannot, possibly "know" how to draw something from memory unless one knows how it looks, and can draw it directly!.

Take the human figure!. Even the best artists can't depict a person in any kind of pose or activity unless the artist knows how the aggregate of all of the subject's parts fit and work together!. The artist needs to know how gravity affects everything on the subject and in the background!. Clothes, for instance, are not "stuck on" the body like paper dolls!. Fabric, hangs, drapes, pleats, folds and wrinkles, depending on the structure beneath and the pull of gravity!.

Eyes are placed in the head, just so!. The arms are attached in a specific location and move just so and are limited in movement to certain extremes!.

And so on!.

Same is true for other animals and inanimate objects!.

I am one of those that CAN draw, quite well, from memory!. But, I got that way and maintain that skill by constant practice!. I practice by going out to make live sketches of people, animals, trees, flowers, buildings, cars, planes, clouds, mountains, fences, in short, EVERYTHING I can find in front of me!.

Even then, when absolute accuracy is critical for an illustration or other image, I would prefer to work from a live model, or from photographic references!.

The rest of your question has to do with transfering the "image" you see or want, onto the paper!. This too, is a practiced skill!. Whether from memory, or from a live model, I am able to look at the blank piece of paper and "visualize" the image!. It "appears" on the paper, pretty much the way I want to draw it!. All I have to do is "trace" the image that, to me, is already there!.

People who observe the way I work don't understand this process!. Because they can't do it, they think it is hard!. I do my best to explain to them that I can't juggle, but other people can!. All it takes to make it look easy is lots of practice!. And, guess what!? With enough practice, it IS easy!

Don't look for shortcuts to attaining real skills!. There are none!. There ARE techniques, but THESE take practice!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i think it is!. sometimes when im drawing, i can "see" some lines/figures on the paper or whatever im drawing at, then i just trace them!. turns out good!.

let your thoughts flow!.Www@QuestionHome@Com