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Question: Canadian photography laws
I'm wondering if there are any certain
types of laws in Canada that I would have to follow!.
Like If I was to go up to someone and
ask them if i could take a picture of them
and they agreed what would be the restrictions
to posting that picture online and also to selling it!.
also if I was to take a picture I know on a busy street
and the other peoples faces that are on the street could
be seen in the picture, would I have to blur it out !?
I know it's a lot but I would like to know as much as
I could about it and I would be very thankful for it if you
could take the time to help me out, because I want to
become better at photography and this would help me greatly with it!.

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I think you will find the answers here http://ambientlight!.ca/laws!.phpWww@QuestionHome@Com