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Question: True Photographers Only Please! (Cross Processing)
So I have C41 1600ISO film that i would like to cross process in slide film chemicals!. The only question is my personal dark room is not set up to support color processing!. Is there any stores that can do this kind of stuff anymore or will I need to purchase a drum roller and some slide chemicals for my DR!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You can buy E-6 chemistry to cross process the film yourself if you are experienced in film development!. Call some pro camera stores and see if they have it in stock

There are two ways to do cross processing:

* Processing positive color reversal film in C-41 chemicals, resulting in a negative image on a colorless base

* Processing negative color print film in E-6 chemicals, resulting in a positive image but with the orange base of a normally processed color negative!. This method is problematic since the orange base is difficult to make colour corrections!.

And yes, when you do this on a film development machine, it does contaminate the chemistry!. Some custom labs will do cross processing once a week or so, using "dip and dunk" processing just before they dump the chemistry after it is at the end of its useful life spanWww@QuestionHome@Com

there used to be tons of places that could do it, but few would!. You are asking a store to contaminate a whole mix of expensive chemicals for one or two rolls!. That's pretty expensive and even when people were regularly shooting film (you and I seem to be the few dinosaurs left), few actually would!. also, not knowing where you live, its really impossible to answer this for you!.

Try an art/photo school!. Maybe one of the students could do it with you for the experience!. Www@QuestionHome@Com