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Question: Consequences of graffiti in the u!.s!.
jw wat the consequences of doing graff and getting caught red handed r!. for a minor and adultWww@QuestionHome@Com

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It's destruction of private property and public property - things like bridges - that all taxpayers want to be allowed to exist without being assaulted by some self indulgent loser artists who can't get a "showing" anywhere legitimate or whose work is such crap that no one will buy it!. If you are an adult and get caught you can do jail time or may just get public service scrubbing off the junk with a stinky paint remover!. If your are a minor your parents can be prosecuted!. In a big city it's small potatoes!. In a small community you could get slammed HARD as an object lesson to others who go wild with a cheap can of spray paint!. Find a better way to express yourself!. Grafitti is ugly, intrusive, self indulgent and childish!.!.!. like when you took your Crayolas when you were 4 and had at the dining room wall!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

why are you planning on being caught!? do it right, manWww@QuestionHome@Com