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Question: Whats high school fashion like!?
What kinda clothes do the "normal" kids!? I wear

I am kinda "big"!. I am overweight, and short and I have a small chest!.!.!.!.

So yeah!.!.!.

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There's really not a "normal kid" in highschool!. Trends are different everywhere and you shouldn't really try to fit in by your clothes alone!.

But if you really want to wear the current styles, why not subscribe to a teen magazine like Seventeen or if you're really hardcore into fashion, TeenVogue!.

I'm a curvy girl myself and I love darkwash jeans and shirts (that are within dress code!) that show off what great shoulders I have!. Everyone has a good quality!. Everyone! You just have to find your best feature and work it for all it's worth! (Give those skinny girls a run for their money with confidence!)Www@QuestionHome@Com