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Question: Rate my photography, tips!?
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Pretty good!. I like the laid-back, casual feel of all of your photos!. You don't take yourself too seriously, and that's good!. Your composition, lighting, depth of field, etc!. could use work, but take a few photography classes and you'll be good to go!. Overall, I really liked them!. They have a lot of personality!.

PS-My favorite one was "Hit"!.!.!.!.!.but then again, I'm partial to anything that involves smokin' the herbage!. LOLWww@QuestionHome@Com

Hi Kat

Pretty good eye and good composition !. I love your colors and the easy-going attitude!.

When a person takes a photo, its because they want to convey something to the viewer!. A pic is woth a 1000 words!.

You convey that perfectly or almost!. Good cropping also and good ideas on some of the photos!.

I absolutely love your eye, you took some simple and everyday things and made them beautiful! Keep up the good work!Www@QuestionHome@Com