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Question: How much should i sell my olympus evolt-500 for!?
its in fantastic condition and is being sold with every piece that came in the orignal box

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dude!.!. seriously, mom got that for you!.!. its an amazing camera!.!. just give it to your most amazing sisterWww@QuestionHome@Com

Check for the same camera in Ebay to get an idea!. also, check to see if the camera is available on KEH or BH used department!. Keep in mind, they are charging more than what they paid for it to make a profit, but you can get a good idea where to start pricing!. You can also check Craigs List in a large city to try to find one listed and see what kind of price is being asked!.

If all that fails, just base your asking price on what can be purchased in TODAY'S market!. If you are asking $500 for it, but a person can buy a new camera that is much better for $400, then you have to base your pricing on that!. It is sort of like an older computer!. The newer ones get better and better, and cheaper and cheaper!. You can never get near what you paid for an older computer!.!.!.!. and that is pretty much the same with a digital camera body!.

The lenses are where the long term resell value lies!.


Idk dude but i'd be intrested in buying it from you


Email me when you find out how much you wanna sell it for