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Question: For graphic design jobs: does the employer ever look at college transcripts or just your porftolio!?
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I have been in the graphic design field for eleven years and have never heard of an employer reviewing an applicant's educational transcripts!. Most employers will grant an interview based on your resume, then base their decision to hire you on the interview itself, and of course the quality of your portfolio!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

They would be interested in learning where you have learned your art!. But the most important thing is your portfolio!. For example, you could have gone to one of the best design schools in the country and have someone from community college get the Job if they had a more clean and unique portfolio!.

You will want to make sure that you have everything mounted correctly and in a unique way!. One of the worst mistakes I made starting out was going out for interviews with a portfolio I made at school!. The design firm had seen so many of the same projects it was hard for them to see it as "creative"!. Make sure it expresses your art work and your design idea's!. Even if you have to make up some projects of your own!.

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I have known an employer to look at transcripts but your portfolio will make or break you!. You need to make sure you have all different kinds of samples of your work make sure it is very versatile and unique!. also make sure it is very neat and all your artwork is mounted on black boards!.