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Question: Senior Pictures Question
Hi, my senior pics are to be turned in to my school by October!. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars though on pictures I don't really care about!. My question is if I could just have my mom take a pic of me outside in our yard and then go to walgreens and get it printed as a wallet!. Would this work as a senior pic!? All I really need one for is the year book!. So, one would be fine!.
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Yes, of course this would work!. But let me give you a few other options!. You should ask around if there are any students you know who have been into photography for a few years!. They would have more experience than your mom, and probably be using a better camera!. also, you could go to your local community college or university and talk to the photography department because the students in that class have assignments, and would not charge you to do a few pics!.

If your mom does take the photos, just make sure you are not too bright / white or too dark!. Make sure your eyes are open, and give a pleasant smile!. And make sure there aren't any elements in the background, especially like a tree that would look like it is coming out of your head!.

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Actually, I would check with your school first!.

Mine has all sorts of requirements for the senior photo, so you really have no choice but to get it professionally done!. For instance, mine requires a specific color background, with absolutely no scenery or outdoor shots!.

You can always just use the school picture!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

They don't have to be professional, but the yearbook staff will usually has some specifications for senior pictures, such as:
-Color photos only
-Photos need to be vertical
-Head size needs to be one inch tall
-Print size needs to be 2" x 2!.5"

Check with your school first!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Even better is to go to someone in the photo classes (if your school has them) and ask them to shoot them for you!. i know a senior at my high school way back when that did this!. Not only did she charge practically nothing, but she did a damn fine job too!.

If your school doesnt have that, by all means its an option!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Call your local newspaper and ask to speak with the photographer(s) and see if they will shoot a photograph for you!.

I work at a newspaper here in my small hometown and myself and our other photographer both shoot weddings and portraits, for a lot less than many studio photographers do!.

It is an option worth checking into!.