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Question: How long should a poem take to write!?
from first thoughts to a completed poem!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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The poem about the oracle, which you so highly praised, took me 5 minutes or less!. That's just how it works with me, I get an image, grab a pen and put the feelings down on paper!. I have been told this is against all the rules!. Yet, this is how I do most things in life, I am quick in movement and thought and very spontaneous!. Why should my writing be any different!? Forgive me if that was not the correct answer!


I think some people enjoy feeling superior and oh so well educated by shaming you for asking this very legitimate question (1st poster for example- shame on YOU)!. I have poems I never really completed to my satisfaction, others tossed into the bin and others so edited, as to be new creations with only a slight semblance to the old!. Don't adhere by others standards!. Your poem is your own creation and why pigeon-hole it!? I like to think of it always as poetry-in-progress and as much as I can enjoy others poetry, I find it a torturous journey_ as I change all the time-so does my own appreciation of what I've written!. I only have a few that I like and will not change!. Write as thou wilt! and don't let people bring you down!. Read others, but take advice with a grain of salt and keep true to your vision, intent and the voice that is in you to express!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

a poem is not some homework,
a project, or a file,
something that's bound by time!.

it's our wish,
our thoughts and feelings,
when we want we write one,
no matter, it may take ages and years,

a poem is a poem,
how long it may have taken it to be written,
it'll always be a poem!Www@QuestionHome@Com

First, and most important, ignore poster 1 (dstar)!. Agree with poster 2!.

It rarely takes me more than a few minutes to write a poem because the words come over me!. I feel them, see them then write them down!. That's it!. I'm sure it's different for each person!. Do what comes natural to you!.

Never be ashamed for asking questions!. My experience since joining poetry three weeks ago is the good poets want to help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

As long as it takes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Writing poetry isn't about how long it takes!. It's about releasing your emotions, your thoughts, and your opinions!. It's about letting go of pain and sharing your experiences with the world!. Did Shakespeare ever time how long it took him to write a sonnet!? No, he just wrote!. Did Edgar A!. Poe time how long it took to write The Raven!. No he just wrote!. Did Langston Hughes worry about deadlines when he wrote Harlem (the poem that the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry was inspired by)!? No, he just took what he felt and layed ink on a page!. Therefore, you should be ashamed of asking this question!.

A true poet knows that when writing poetry, time stands still!.

Edit: Jeez!. When someone asks a question, I try to give an honest answer that I trully will stand by!. If I mad you feel bad I'm somewhat sorry and somewhat not!. I didn't mean to discourage you from asking questions, I was just surprised by your question, it was startling me!. And I'm not sorry because I was expressing how I feel and what I'm thinking, I'm letting the world know what's going on inside my head!.
And to those of you out there who seem to be against free speech: Take a look in the mirror when you're answering a question because hopefully you are giving people honesty as well!. And also, the point of free speech is getting your opinions heard to the world!.
So as the character True Jackson says/said!.!.!.Go take your attitude "and put in the cranky bank"Www@QuestionHome@Com